Storybook Montessori Policies

Our Storybook policies are designed to help all children learn. Children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure. Furthermore, positive relationships with adults help to foster a bond that is ideal for children at this stage of development as having their individual needs met on a daily basis is an essential part of nursery school life. As a result, they are happier and learn faster. In contrast to other methods of teaching, we feel that the Montessori method provides young children with the perfect start to life.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements are designed to support providers, above all, in creating settings which are welcoming, safe and stimulating and additionally, where children are able to enjoy learning through play. As a result, all children can learn and grow in confidence to reach their full potential.

The Department for Education have created a document called ‘Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage’, you can read this by following the link here. This document heavily influences our policies and procedures.

The Proprietor and the Leadership team wish to make it clear that Safeguarding is at the forefront of all practice at Storybook Montessori. Due to this, we provide safeguarding and child protection training when staff are appointed. We also provide regular, and at least annual, refresher training thereafter to keep their knowledge up to date, partnering with the local authority to ensure that all training is tailored to procedures in our local area.

At Storybook Montessori, extreme views on politics and religion when teaching or caring for children will not be tolerated. Therefore, all members of staff are expected to offer a balanced presentation of views and opinions. Finally, the promotion of British values is something we highly regard.

Our Policies

Please take some time to review our Storybook Montessori policies which can be found below in PDF format.