Forrest School at Storybook

  • Forest school originated in Scandinavia in the 1950s and is an approach to learning that takes children into the great outdoors whatever the weather to explore the natural environment. At Storybook, we are big believers in the benefits of outdoor learning and Forrest School is an important part of our curriculum. Our children love going to Forest School (FS) under the watchful eye of our trained teacher Miss Claire.
    • Forest school activities include:
      1. Climbing trees
      2. Making campfires and cooking
      3. Woodworking
      4. Building shelters and dens
      5. Playing in the mud
      6. Foraging
      7. Various social games such as hide and seek
      8. Using nature for arts and crafts
      9. Animal spotting and bug hunting

      Although making fires or building dens using saws and hammers can be seen as something dangerous that children should not be doing, highly trained forest school practitioners constantly keep an eye on what the children are up to.

      Most people associate risks with harm, but the forest school ethos sees risks as something for children to overcome, which expands their abilities and self-belief and teaches them to take care of themselves.