Storybook Food and Exercise Philosophy

‘‘The Storybook Food and Exercise Philosophy is all about promoting healthy eating and oodles of exercise. It’s something we take very seriously. As a result, the benefits of eating well and being active are clear to see in the classroom and on the playground.’’

Food & Menus

Nutrition is a key part of the Storybook day. It is the fuel that provides energy, stimulates the brain and increases the capacity to learn. We are very lucky to have Chef Ali running our Storybook kitchen (which holds a 5-star food hygiene rating).

A legend in her own lunch hour (and way beyond!) Chef Alison prepares fresh, home-cooked meals for Storybook children as well as guiding them through healthy eating cookery lessons and preparing food they have picked from the Storybook garden.

Storybook menus are designed to be inclusive. This provides a balanced and diverse diet through plant, chicken and fish-based dishes (see menu samples). It goes without saying that all snacks and meals are prepared in line with cultural beliefs and allergy considerations.

With many years of experience and children of her own, our chef serves dishes that are always healthy. She also manages to achieve the admirable feat of being popular too – as the stacks of empty plates at lunchtime illustrate!

Exercise and Activity

There’s a lot of running around at Storybook, and with very good reason. However, just as important as healthy eating is getting a healthy dose of daily exercise. We are very lucky to have a great outdoor space to support this goal.

Living in England we have to take what the English weather throws our way. Therfore, on a good day is glorious, but on many days can be a mixture of all the elements (sometimes within a morning!).
With a rack full of splash suits, Storybook children know how to have fun in all weathers and we’re big fans of the old saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’.

As well as general playground activity, we also organise sports sessions. This includes rugby, tennis and boogie ballet. Other outdoor activities include forest school and gardening. Being fit and healthy is also something that carries through to our extracurricular activities.