Storybook Food Philosophy

‘‘The Storybook Food Philosophy is all about promoting healthy eating and it’s something we take very seriously.’’

Food & Menus

Nutrition is a key part of the Storybook day.

We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day.

And we are very lucky to have Chef Ali running our Storybook kitchen (which holds a 5-star food hygiene rating).

A legend in her own lunch hour (and way beyond!) Chef Alison prepares fresh, home-cooked meals for Storybook children as well as guiding them through healthy eating and  cookery lessons.

Storybook menus are designed to be inclusive. This provides a balanced and diverse diet through plant, chicken and fish-based dishes. It goes without saying that all snacks and meals are prepared to cater for cultural beliefs and allergies.

Below is a sample of what we serve each day

Buffet Breakfast: Including Porridge, cereals, toast, fresh fruit, milk and water

Lunch: Fish fingers with homemade potato wedges and garden peas

Dessert: Apricot and orange sugar free cake

Snacks: Crackers, breadsticks, fresh fruit, vegetable batons and water

Tea: Chicken sausages/vegetarian sausages, wholemeal bread and baked beans

Dessert: Freshly sliced pineapple

No teeth? No problem: Puree of the day, made to order