~ Storybook Menu ~

With the Storybook Menu, we believe that we have created something that is healthy and nutritious. We have take inspiration from a number of sources to ensure your child is getting the best each and every day.

In January 2012, the Children’s Food Trust launched the ‘Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England’, ensuring that childcare providers have a nationally-recognised source of guidance to help meet the EYFS requirements.

The practical guide is dedicated to planning menus and practical tools to help ensure all children eat a healthy diet.

The Trust states that to make sure children get a good balance of nutrients, their meals and snacks when aged one to five, should be based on a range of foods from these four food groups:

1. Starchy foods

2. Fruit and vegetables

3. Meat, fish, eggs, beans

4. Milk and dairy

As a result, our menu is nutritious in content and made to appeal to nursery age children. Designed to rotate with the seasons, our menus use fresh vegetables and ingredients, including those grown by the children in the Storybook garden. Principally plant based, our menus also include chicken and fish options to cater for all tastes. It goes without saying that all snacks and meals are prepared in line with cultural beliefs and allergy considerations. Growing your own food, preparing and eating fresh food, understanding the cycle of nature… these are lessons to be absorbed and enjoyed by children at Storybook.

We promote fresh, not fast, food, but we are not averse to the occasional treat – everything in balance after all. As a rule however, the Storybook food philosophy will strive to provide healthy options, from Diner snacks to in-house baking classes.

Below is a sample of what we serve each day

Buffet Breakfast: Including porridge, toast and cheese and fresh fruit and natural yogurt

Snacks: Fruit salad

Lunch: Lentil curry with rice

Lunch – no teeth? No problem: Lentil curry puree

Sides: Fresh cucumber, tomato, celery sticks and green and black olives

Dessert: Prune cake

Dessert – no teeth? No problem: Carrot puree and carob syrup

Tea: Eggy bread