‘At Storybook nursery, safeguarding is paramount. Children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure. When their needs are met. Therefore, positive relations with adults caring for them are formed.’

The Storybook nursery safeguarding policy is based on the EYFS. (Early Years Foundation Stage Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements). These are designed to support providers in creating settings which are friendly, safe and exciting. Therefore, making a place where children are able to enjoy learning. However, through play, they are able to grow and reach their full potential.

Furthermore, the EYFS seeks to provide:

  • quality and consistency in all early years settings. Making sure every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind
  • a secure foundation through learning opportunities. This is planned around the needs and interests of each child. These are assessed and reviewed regularly
  • partnership working with parents and/or carers
  • fairness of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice. Therefore, ensuring that every child is included and supported

The Storybook Team wish to make it clear that safeguarding is at the forefront of all practice at Storybook Montessori. As a result, providing child protection training to all staff. Above all, at least annual refresher training is given to keep their knowledge up to date.

Storybook Nursery Safeguarding

Finally, our safeguarding policy does makes it clear that we do not tolerate any extreme religious or political views. Due to this, all members of staff are always expected to offer a balanced view and opinion. In addition, promoting British values is a key element of life at Storybook montessori.

Lisa Palmer

Lisa Palmer

Designated Safeguading Lead