Read the Storyook pre school Ofsted report 2017

Below is a summary of the key findings for parents found in the Storybook pre school Ofsted report:

  • All children enjoy their learning and make good progress from their starting points. In addition, this includes those who have special needs and funded children. Staff make observations and know the children well. They gather important data from parents to help them plan effectively. This helps with children’s progress.
  • The staff team identify things to be improved. Furthermore, they plan targets to help improve outcomes for all children. The management team know what good practice looks like. They are committed to transfer this knowledge to all staff.
  • Team members work well with others. For instance, to help support children’s individual needs. Also, staff share data with parents and other professionals to help support progress.
  • Staff use their good knowledge of the children’s interests. Therefore, children are eager to join in.
  • The staff discuss positive behaviour with children. They listen to the clear and consistent guidance they are given. As a result, the children behave well.

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:

  • Improve steps for staff development. Therefore, limit possible mistakes. Help ensure teaching is always of a very high quality.
  • Enhance monitoring systems further.

Inspection activities:

  • The inspector sampled a range of documents. This included records of children’s learning and staff’s suitability checks.
  • After a tour of the premises, the inspector observed the children taking part in activities. They judged the impact on their learning.
  • The inspector spoke with staff at suitable times during the inspection.
  • A joint check with the manager was carried out.

The Storybook pre school Ofsted report was completed 6th November 2017.